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We continually welcome prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students from any department within the Faculty of Engineering at Gadjah Mada University to explore a range of topics that align with our research interests. Based on our experience, a dual supervisory scheme involving our researchers is also possible. As Insgreeb is an independent and growing research group, we currently prefer self-funded students. However, we provide a unique research atmosphere that enhances knowledge, experience, and invaluable networking opportunities within our collaborative research environment.

Students interested in fields such as building physics, acoustics and audio, natural and artificial lighting, energy conservation, renewable energy, sensor and instrumentation, artificial intelligence, data communication, and AR-VR technologies applied to building and the built environment must demonstrate strong motivation and complete relevant courses.

Students should express their interest to Sentagi Utami, Ph.D., or another Insgreeb researcher who may act as a supervisor, via email. Research topics may be suggested by supervisors or proposed by the students themselves.

Applicants must possess a solid foundation in basic mathematics and physics, high self-motivation, and a keen interest in the topics. At the thesis’s conclusion, students are expected to draft a scientific paper of no more than five pages in English.

Each year, Master’s and PhD opportunities are available with government and university-funded scholarships for both domestic and international students. If you are a scholarship recipient interested in conducting research with Insgreeb, please inform us.

Key Criteria:

  • UGM Students:
    Applicants must have a strong academic and research track record in fields such as building physics, acoustics and audio, natural and artificial lighting, energy conservation, renewable energy, sensors and instrumentation, artificial intelligence, data communication, AR-VR technologies, and related engineering disciplines.
  • Non-UGM Students:
    Candidates from outside UGM should hold master’s and honors degrees with a robust academic and research background in a relevant field. All students are expected to spend significant time in Yogyakarta during their studies.

We welcome individual researchers from related disciplines to enhance inter-institutional collaboration. We are also open to joint project submissions for national and international grants.

Key Criteria:

  • Potential Collaborators:
    Collaborations may involve research, government projects, grant applications, or partnerships with the private sector. We expect a shared understanding and mutual commitment to the collaborative concept.

Contact Information


Department of Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics,
Faculty of Engineering. Universitas Gadjah Mada,
Grafika St. no. 2, Sleman, D. I. Yogyakarta 55281,




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