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Education for Sustainable Development in Senior High School

Education for Sustainable Development in Senior High School

SMAN 3 Yogyakarta, SMAN 6 Yogyakarta, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, UGM.
16 Jul 2018

ESD is one of the learning methods needed for problem solving that can be done both through formal, informal and non-formal education to provide knowledge, awareness, and abilities and at the same time improve behavior towards “sustainability”.

Slightly different from the previous community service activities, to achieve ESD’s objectives in addition to providing education about green behavior, INSGREEB also organized an Adolescent Scientific Work Competition. The title submitted by Insgreeb for this ESD activity is “EDUCATION ENHANCEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS TO GROW THE GREEN BEHAVIOR”.

This activity was carried out in SMA N 3 Yogyakarta and SMA N 6 Yogyakarta with the main target of class XI students. With the education of class XI students, some time in the future they are able to apply green behavior in the school environment and teach about “what is green behavior” to other students. Educational activities at SMA N 3 Yogyakarta were held on July 16, 2018 from 09.10 – 12.45 which was attended by 150 students from science and social studies classes. Briefly the series of events began with remarks from the Principal and the INSGREEB Coordinator. Before the presentation of the material, the students were treated to a video screening that illustrated their knowledge before education. Some of them have the view that the green concept can be represented by a school environment surrounded by trees. Furthermore, the speakers gradually presented the material regarding sustainability in general and then specific towards green behavior.

The second activity was still in the education phase held at SMA N 6 Yogyakarta attended by 211 students from the fields of specialization in Natural Sciences (8 classes) and Social Sciences (1 class) and accompanied by teachers who were PICs from schools for educational activities as well as team teachers school research. The series of events is almost the same as the previous school event.

After providing education about sustainability, green behavior and research, students from both schools were given the opportunity to take part in the Youth Scientific Work competition with sub-themes: Environmental Characterization, Engineering (passive and active), Green Behavior and Green Regulation.