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One of Indonesia’s world-class university leading research groups

The Integrated Smart and Green Building (Insgreeb) research group is established within the Department of Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics (formerly the Engineering Physics Department) at Gadjah Mada University. Situated in one of Indonesia’s world-class research universities, Insgreeb focuses on integrating green and smart technology into building systems and services. Our research spans several key areas including building physics, occupant comfort, sensor & instrumentation technology, artificial intelligence, renewable energy & energy conservation, power & grid systems, and wireless data communication. As an independent unit, we offer research and consulting services to prospective clients and are open to future collaborative projects.


Research Fields

Green Building

Conduct green building assessments for offices, schools, universities, industrial facilities, and homes using appropriate rating tools.

Building Physics & Acoustics

Analyze the building’s thermal, visual, and acoustic conditions, along with energy usage, to evaluate their impact on human comfort and productivity.

Sensor & Control System

Develop sensor and control systems as integrated components of the building’s systems and services to enhance occupant comfort.

Instrumentation & Measurement System

Assess the effectiveness of building systems and services through an energy audit conducted in both the initial and detailed phases.



Physical Modelling & Simulation

Building performance analysis can assess energy consumption, daylight and artificial lighting, indoor air quality, and visual and acoustical comfort.

Monitoring System

Implementing an integrated environmental monitoring system for the purpose of continuous, real-time tracking of indoor and surrounding conditions.

Green Building

Assessment & sustainability of multi-store buildings (offices, universities, schools, commercial) can evaluate environmental impact and resource efficiency.

Building Energy Audit

Comprehensive energy assessment uses two phases: initial evaluation identifies key energy areas, then detailed analysis provides specific improvement recommendations.


Leverage immersive techniques like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create highly interactive experiences for advanced visualization tasks.

Product Development & Management

Implement a downstream model in product development to enhance strategic planning, streamline processes, and improve operational efficiency.



Insgreeb is a member of CDSR-SHERA

Since 2017, Insgreeb has been involved in a multi-year research project with Center for Development of Sustainable Region (CDSR) at UGM. This collaborative initiative includes reputable Indonesian universities and covers several research topics.


Center for Development of Sustainable Region