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Sentagi Utami


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I am a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, and have served as the Head of the Engineering Study Program in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics since 2016. My academic background includes a Master’s degree in Physics with a focus on Acoustics from Brigham Young University, USA, and a PhD in Architectural Acoustics from the University of Michigan. I am an active member of both the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the Audio Engineering Society (AES).

In 2011, I co-founded Insgreeb to integrate building physics and acoustics with smart systems, enhancing building performance and occupant comfort. This initiative has established me as an authority in Building Acoustics, Audio, and Green Building Science.

I have led numerous national and international research projects funded by prestigious grants, including those from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Australia-Indonesia Center, and collaborations with the University of Salford UK and Hiroshima University. My research encompasses acoustics measurement, sound level mapping, and simulation, as well as building model simulations focusing on indoor environmental quality parameters such as lighting, thermal, and air quality.





An Associate Professor at Gadjah Mada University who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Science, focusing on Indoor Environmental Quality and instrumentation.

Rachmawan Budiarto


A lecturer who has been teaching various renewable energy subjects since 2005 and has contributed to over 44 projects across 53 sites, supported by international agencies.

M. Kholid Ridwan


A lecturer with a Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology, focusing on urban energy balance. Currently explores energy-efficient building design and urban meteorology.

Nazrul Effendy


An Associate Professor with a Ph.D. from Chulalongkorn University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, focusing on instrumentation, control systems, and artificial intelligence.

Dwi Joko Suroso

Researcher & Ph.D. Candidate

A Ph.D. candidate and lecturer at UGM, focusing on 5G channel modeling and IoT applications, currently researching at Tokyo Institute of Technology under a MEXT scholarship.

Ressy Jaya Yanti

Master of Engineering

A Research Assistant at INSGREEB and Teaching Assistant for Building Physics, currently pursuing a Master’s in Electrical Engineering at UGM, with a focus on green building analysis.

Dian D. Avoressi

Junior Researcher

A Research Assistant at INSGREEB, who recently completed a Master’s in Green Architecture at UGM, focusing on detailed building assessments in lighting and acoustics.

L. Gema Perdamaian


A Research Assistant at UGM focusing on Net-Zero Energy Building projects, with a Master’s in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Gigih Rahmandhani S.

M.S. Student

A Research Volunteer at INSGREEB who graduated from the Engineering Physics program in 2017, focusing on sustainable building and environmental acoustics.

Bayu Ardiyanto

Junior Researcher

A graduate from UGM and Chalmers University, specializing in energy systems and sustainable built environments with a focus on energy modelling and policy.

Fiki Rahmatika Salis

Junior Researcher

An experienced Cost Control Engineer with expertise in project management and leadership, holding a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from UGM.



Insgreeb is a progressive research group within UGM

Growing up in a world-class research university, INSGREEB has become a trusted group among university leaders, actively involved in numerous technical activities and policy-making related to sustainable infrastructure codes within UGM.